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It's your birth.  Be creative.TM 

Women who choose to have doulas attend their childbirth reported greater satisfaction with the birth experience, enhanced breastfeeding, better maternal bond with baby, less postpartum depression and anxiety, greater self esteem and greater overall satisfaction with their birth experience.

Recent evidence shows that continuous labor support can:

  • Shorten labor up to 25%

  • Reduce requests for pain medication by 30%,

  • Reduce the request for epidurals by 60%

  • Reduce the incidence of cesareans by 50%

  • Reduce the number of birth complications

  • Decrease the likelihood of postpartum depression & anxiety

  • Increase bonding time between mother and baby

  • Initiate breastfeeding with greater success

Source The Doula Book: How A Trained Labor Companion Can Help You Have A Shorter, Easier, And Healthier Birth.

By Marshall H. Klaus PhD, John H. Kennell MD, Phyllis H. Klaus MFT.

Doula Services

Some evidence shows that there may be benefits to having a doula.  Such as...


  • shorter labors

  • less use of pitocin

  • increased satisfaction

  • less perception of pain

  • greater empowerment

Doulas offer: 

  • continuous labor support

  • compassionate care

  • non-biased information

What is a Doula?

"Doula" has become quite the buzz word in the last few years especially as more and more birthing couples begin to educate themselves about choices in evidenced based childbirth.  A Doula is a trained professional who provides support during the entire childbirth process. This includes pre and post-natal support; involves the birthing mother and anyone she chooses as part of her birth team.  Women who are supported by doulas experience shorter labors, more natural deliveries, improved breastfeeding, bonding and overall greater satisfaction with childbirth.

Meet Your Doula

Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC