It's your birth.  Be creative.TM  216-704-6595


It's your birth.  Be creative.TM 

New FAMILY friendly format now offered!


Class meets for two weeks with an earlier time so you can bring the kids.

This sibling friendly birth prep class is only $60.00 per family.     

Creative Childbirth Classes

  • Are evidence based in music therapy and other creative experiences like media, art, imagery, writing and movement.
  • Compliment ANY type of birth:  medicated or nonmedicated, hospital, home birth, or water births.  Even planned and emergency cesareanbirth.
  • Are personalized to your needs and goals for childbirth. 
  • Fun and engaging for your whole family.

Creative Childbirth Classes

with Kate Taylor, MA, MTBC
Birth Doula, Board Certified Music Therapist


Creating a plan for a satisfying birth.

Preparing your body and your partner for birth.

Preparing your mind for birth.

Understanding how to cope through labor.

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