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It's your birth.  Be creative.TM 

Services are customized to meet your goals and budget for childbirth. Pricing information is available on our Fees for Services page. 

Call Kate for a quote to begin designing your ideal birth.  


Personalize your services according to your needs and BUDGET! 


Not sure of your goals for childbirth?  Unaware of what choices you have for childbirth?  Pregnant and overwhelmed about the idea of birth? This service is perfect for you.  Learn more aboutConsultation

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

Music therapy for birth is customized to your preferences and familiarity.  Music creates a familiar, safe environment.  Improves comfort & satisfaction.  Supports movement and imagery during labor.  Applicable to ANY method of childbirth and ALL types of birth.

Includes assessment of musical preference, home relaxation routine, personalized playlist design, exclusive access to research based music therapy playlists and a board certified music therapist available during your labor & delivery.  More about Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth 

Menu of Services

Doula Support

Continuous and compassionate care, prenatal preparation, labor and delivery support and postpartum guidance.  Includes 2 prenatal sessions, entire labor and delivery support and 1 post natal visit.  

Virtual Doula Support also available - this includes online prenatal sessions, real-time labor support via web, text or phone.  Perfect for anyone out of Kate’s direct service area.  Kate has successfully assisted births as far as 1001 miles away.   

More about Doula Support

Creative Arts Birthing TM

Dynamic and innovative childbirth education course paired with creative arts and music applications to help turn your "informed childbirth" class into a creative, memorable and empowering experience.Compliments all types of birth (medical, natural, home & water births).  A creative and interactive teaching approach helps you integrate knowledge of birth with creative experiences to prepare for labor.  Content is based upon your preferences and your existing creative talents and resources.   This creative journey empowers you for birth by giving you tools, information and access to expressive resources.  More about Creative Arts Birthing