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It's your birth.  Be creative.TM 

Kate really gave me so much more than I expected from the childbirth classes. She came with a wealth of information about the birth - but what I really was impressed by was how she designed the classes to what my husband and I were looking for and really listened to us and to what we needed to prepare for birth. She got to know our music choices, feelings about birth, and what kind of atmosphere we wanted to create, and helped us prepare in a way that felt so personal. It was also lovely to have classes in our own home. She was very warm, personable, and supportive of what I wanted from the birth. I really appreciated that so much. And she also went through the practical pieces that we needed to know about- about stages of labor, coping with pain, breastfeeding, and baby care. I am grateful to have found her and would highly recommend her.

Kate amazed me not only at the birth itself, but at each prenatal appointment, too. I never knew what to expect at the prenatal appointments, but each time some profound unfolding happened. She was able to gently encourage us/provide the opportunity for us to open up to express something pivotal for the birth. At the birth her physical and emotional support was something I never could have expected. I had never known that kind of support from a professional relationship.

Working with Kate was truly an amazing experience. We wanted someone who had experience with vbac deliveries. Kate was warm and caring and genuinely interested in our story and our birth goals from the first meeting we had. A bonus that was much appreciates was her music therapy certification and practice. She spent time creating birthing playlists that suited our music likes that would match with each stage of labor. Kate was always accessible when we needed her for anything. Our prenatal sessions together were calming and we connected as husband and wife and connected to our baby much more after those sessions and for the remainder of my pregnancy. When I went into labor I called Kate before I called my doctor knowing that she would help me to remain calm and pay attention to my body. Kate met us at the hospital shortly after we got there and was a calming presence in the room for my entire trial of labor. She encouraged me to breathe through the pain and was always by my side. While I was unable to have the birth I desired I remain forever thankful to Kate for making me feel completely in control of my body. She made me feel completely empowered and stronger than I've ever felt. I never took any pain meds during my trial of labor at all and I almost completely dilated. I felt like superwoman even after my repeat c section I feel at peace with everything about my labor and birth experience. My husband and I would highly recommend Kate to anyone searching for a doula. You won't regret it at all.