Rachel Ackerman, MA

Master of Arts in counseling and art therapy

Rachel Ackerman, is a welcomed addition to our growing team of Creative Childbirth Consultants.  Rachel holds Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Arts from Illinois State University and a Master of Arts in Counseling & Art Therapy from Adler University, Chicago. For her graduate work Rachel studied in a dual track program that focused on Adlerian Counseling and Art Therapy.  Rachel enjoys providing services to individuals, groups, and organizations.  Rachel aims to use her talents and education to help others improve their quality of life, mitigate mental health symptoms, identify their strengths, develop coping mechanisms, build resiliency and increase overall wellness and functioning. Rachel also enjoys using art to promote meaningful social and individual change.  She encourages the use of mediums such as drawing, painting, and ceramics in her work with children and families.  Rachel is a member of the Illinois Infant Mental Health Association and the Illinois Art Therapy Association

Rachel has special interests with art and equestrian therapy for children and adults living with the challenges associated with disabilities.    She also has experience leading anti-bullying groups for school-age students and has assisted cancer patients in painting for hope and self-expression.  Her passions for infants and maternal mental health have also led Rachel to bring her expertise to care centers for newborns and families.  In her postpartum support work, Rachel has found meaningful and nurturing ways to integrate her skills as a caregiver with her gifts in art therapy to provide enriching and safe environments to help reduce the chances of abuse and neglect through education and support for at-risk families.

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Welcome Rachel. 

Rachel Ackerman, MA

(760) 527-3283  Email:  racehel.creativechildbirth@gmail.com.

Rachael Heite

Creative Support and Consultation

Undergraduate Student

Rachael comes to Creative Childbirth Concepts with her passion for advocating for NICU families and NICU neonates.  Having been born early into the NICU environment, Rachael is available for speaking engagements to share about the power of music in her life as an infant and now as a performer.  She also speaks to the power of music for her parents as they navigated the NICU experience nearly 20 years ago.  Rachael is a talented musician and she uses her craft to express herself and her love for life.  Rachael enjoys providing music recreation groups at Brookdale Senior Living and is pursuing a degree in music therapy. 

Heidi Lengel, MMT, MT-BC
Board Certified Music Therapist
Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula (DONA, StillBirthday)

Heidi Lengel, MMT, MT-BC received a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy from Temple University in 2004 and a Master of Music Therapy from Temple University in 2012.  Heidi serves as the co-founder and co-instructor for our continuing education course (CMTE) Introduction to Perinatal Music Therapy.  She specializes in perinatal music therapy including areas such as fertility challenges, pregnancy and birth wellness, perinatal bereavement, and maternal mental health issues.  Her areas of research interest include medical music therapy program development and best practice recommendations in perinatal music therapy. She has presented her research and clinical work at regional, national, and international conferences, and has taught a variety of courses and workshops to healthcare professionals throughout the United States.  Heidi is dually certified as a birth and bereavement doula through StillBirthday.  She is a childbirth educator, is Vice President of The Philadelphia Maternity Network and offers pro bono services to at-risk youth through PALS (Philadelphia Alliance for Labor Support).  Located in Philadelphia, PA, Heidi is the owner and director of Fulheart Family Support. She can be contacted by phone: (267-386-5713) or via

email: info@fulheartfamilysupport.com.

Kate Taylor, MA, MTBC

Board Certified Music Therapist, Owner

Owner, Kate Taylor is proud to introduce to you a growing team of independent contractors who serve as creative consultants to our practice.  Click here to learn more about music therapist and owner Kate Taylor, MA, MTBC. 

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