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Kate graciously made herself available to us months before our due date. Kate helped us to connect to our baby by encouraging us to talk and sing to him. She led us through our birthing class and contacted me regularly, providing me with words of encouragement. I felt completely comfortable asking her anything at anytime.

The biofeedback sessions Kate led us through helped me to feel prepared for each rise and fall of contractions. I was able to speak mantras and sing songs in my head to help me through and I was even able to sleep in between contractions because the music from our playlist provided reassurance to keep me calm.  Kate helped me to focus my energy through the intense contractions.  I become full of emotion whenever I recall our story because our experience was so beautiful. We trust her and will always think of her in highest regards. If you would like to strive for a

beautiful birth experience and have someone that's trustworthy, kind, and knowledgeable,  I would highly recommend Kate Taylor!

Kate attended the homebirth of our first child.  In the sessions before the birth, Kate gently helped me face my fears, discuss my concerns, and put me at total ease.  She went above and beyond, staying in contact, offering support, and counseling. She has a beautiful peace about her that aided me to remain calm. During the birth she was there with me every step of the way. She knew exactly what music to play, where to place her hands on me, or what to say to help me through. She is compassionate and supportive; intuitive and generally amazing.  

When I felt like giving up, Kate knew exactly what to do. She empowered my husband to be active and involved throughout. Kate gave so much of herself to us.  

Kate was a blessing to have at our home birth. She helped me prepare for natural labor and delivery in ways that I can't even explain. Kate is a calming presence that gave me stability, faith and perseverance when I was faltering. She made herself available to me at anytime during my pregnancy & was my rock when I was overdue & becoming impatient. Our sessions were filled with music and meditation, art and laughter.   When I hear certain songs now, they remind me of wonderful, warm, kind, sweet Kate and how I was so lucky to have chosen her as our amazing doula. Thank you Kate for the music, the guidance, the compassion & the faith & belief in myself & my body to get through my daughter’s birth.

We had a great experience with Kate as our doula. She was professional at all times and her demeanor was very calming and patient, she helped me to relax both during labor as well as in the weeks leading up to the birth when I was overcome with fears, etc. We scheduled a guided relaxation session before the birth that was very helpful. Even though I ended up getting an epidural for the last hour of labor, I was so glad Kate was there to help me relax through the contractions I had before it took effect. She also was great in explaining the procedures that were being done and reminding me of what is normal during labor/birth. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to have a doula at their birth!!

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