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 Carefully selected music during childbirth can:

  • Support deep relaxation

  • Reduce the perception of discomfort

  • Break the "fear-tension-pain" cycle

  • Rhythmically support breathing

  • Encourage gentle movement

  • Match the intensity of labor

  • Create a familiar, calm environment

Imagine your labor supported by music...

Why Music?

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC has built a model of music therapy assisted childbirth that is based in the evidence of music therapy applications in medicine and neurology, holistic health and healing, wellness, and music supported imagery.  This model is holistic in how music addresses many aspects of total well-being during pregnancy and birth.  This innovative use of music impacts not only the birthing mother and all those within her birthing community but also helps shape the birthing environment.  Music therapy during birth compliments all models of childbirth preparation and is versatile enough to enhance birth in any setting including hospitals, homes and birthing centers.   

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It's your birth.  Be creative.TM