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It's your birth.  Be creative.TM 

"It is my genuine passion to use my expertise in creative arts to help you design and achieve the most satisfying, memorable and empowering birth experience possible." 

Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC, Doula

Founder, Creative Childbirth Concepts 

Creative Childbirth Concepts believes that you deserve continuous support during childbirth with access to evidenced based practices for birth and creativity so that together we can personalize your educational process, help you discover inner resources and lead you toward increased expression and empowerment for birth.

Services through Creative Childbirth Concepts® are more than just Doula Support and childbirth education.  

Classes and Workshops  are dynamic, hands on and exciting.  Families who work with Creative Childbirth Concepts® report outcomes of enhanced bonding and empowerment as well as positive birthing experiences with unmatched levels of satisfaction.  Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth has been shown to increase comfort during birth, feelings of satisfaction and support.  There is also related evidence toward better breastfeeding and healing from birth.




to your premier resource for a personalized creative birth. 


Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC, doula, founded Creative Childbirth Concepts in 2007 out of the need to inform birthing couples about music as a tool for comfort during labor and delivery.  Kate also wanted others to know more about music therapy, a research based practice which can impact the entire childbirth experience and parenting journey. The methods used at Creative Childbirth Concepts are rooted in evidence based practices of music therapy and integrated creative arts. Basic principles of birth psychology, natural birthing and gentle parenting also inform clinical practices at Creative Childbirth Concepts.